It all started when...

Emmert would not exist without the hard work and vision of its founder, Carrie Register.  The daughter of an optometrist, Carrie grew up immersed in the world of eyewear.  She visited her father’s store often and always marveled at how customers lit up when they found the perfect pair of frames.  It became clear to her that glasses are more than just a vision aid: they may be the most important fashion accessory of all.

After graduating from college, she began her ascension up the corporate ladder in a company that provided the amazing opportunity to work with exceptional brands and global marketers. Though gratifying on a professional level, she could not extinguish the flicker of desire in her heart to do something more…to do something that would really make a difference.

Combining her passion for fashion and her robust business acumen with a yearning to make an important societal contribution, the idea of Emmert Eyewear was born.  And as a result of the love from family and friends, the help of Emmert’s ever-growing group of associates, and the support all of the amazing women who she hopes light up when they find their perfect Emmert style, that flicker of desire to do something more has grown into the flames of success.  She is eternally grateful.


A Passion for Fashion...a Heart for Giving

It’s fun to shop for accessories like purses and shoes, and we think it should also be fun to shop for eyewear.  We don’t, however, think you should have to spend hundreds of dollars for a stylish, quality pair of frames, which is why Emmert embraces the idea of affordable luxury.  We want you to feel good about your purchase and therefore provide a stylish and well-made product at a reasonable price.

You can feel even better about your purchase knowing that a donation is made from each pair of glasses sold to a worthy cause or organization through our Emmert Give Gives Back initiative to support the betterment of women and children worldwide.  We currently support the “I Am That Girl” movement that inspires girls to love, express and be exactly who they are.

Like the beautiful sunrises that greet us each morning, rich in color, texture and promise, no two women are exactly alike.  And thank goodness!  For whether calm or stormy, bright or subdued, each contributes something essential to the landscape of our world.  At its heart, Emmert is a celebration of women - of mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, best friends, bosses, aunts, cousins, neighbors, heroes and victims.  And we believe she, whoever she is, should be celebrated as ritualistically as the dawning of each new day.